About us

arc is a revolutionary new way of building rental property for New Zealand. In essence, we offer our residents a better experience.

Renting is broken. We’re here to fix it.

We’ve built a new business from the ground up, bringing international models of rental housing to New Zealand – global ideas, with local values.

Capital is fickle. The rental crisis has been exacerbated by a focus on short-term gain and amateur landlords, rather than long-term ownership. We’re here to change that. 

We’re a group of long-term investors and professionals, with decades of experience managing property around the world. Quality buildings are just the start – we also build long-term relationships, and place our customers at the heart of everything we do.


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Build to rent

We build well-designed, quality homes and maintain them for the long-term. We welcome vibrant, diverse communities, who all just happen to be renters. You'll want to stay forever.

arc Onehunga exterior


Our homes are built to last, with quality fittings and good materials.

Meet the team

Kent Gardner
Chief Executive

“Everyone at each arc location has one thing in common– they’re all renting. We’re totally focussed on making that better, easier and more fun.”

Cyrus Greenbank
Construction Manager

“I enjoy the focus on adding value as we go, and using durable and quality products. We’re here to stay – so we’ve built it that way.”

Graeme Birkhead

“Everyone talks about how hard it is to create quality rental housing in New Zealand. arc is just getting on and doing it.”

Hadyn Neal
Project Manager

“Tenants deserve a better quality lifestyle. arc allows people to feel welcome, and to create a place they can call home.”

Karla Mangos
Business Advisor

“arc is custom built for long-term renters. We want you to stay - forever, and you get a modern apartment to call home.”

Casey Morris
Resident & Community Lead

“We want to put residents, our customers at the heart of everything we do here at arc. We are here to revolutionise renting in New Zealand”

Our Press

Love Renting

Metro x arc Onehunga - A possible solution for those stuck between renting and home ownership.

Ready for "renting revolution"

New homes designed specifically for renting aim to "take the lord out of landlord".

Rental market needs professional, long-term capital if we are going to bridge the housing divide

It would be a shame if a drive to provide more secure European-style rental accommodation options for middle-income New Zealanders hit an obstacle just as it seemed about to take off.

Auckland property developer wants tax breaks for rent to own properties

Imagine renting a home knowing your landlord would never sell it and boot you out. A property developer has plans to build thousands of homes to rent out with long-term tenancies.

'Fickle' capital has created a broken rental market

Private equity property investor Kent Gardner is investing $40 million into a new residential project in Auckland, but he isn’t expecting rapid fire returns.

Build-to-rent momentum growing, investors say

Build-to-rent is already one of the largest asset classes in the United States and Europe, and growing in Australia, but there are few developments under way in New Zealand.

Build-to-rent is the best way to fix the 'broken' rental market

The housing rental system is broken and the build-to-rent model is the best way to fix it, a property developer, who is a recent returned from Britain, says. The private rental market is dominated by small scale individual property owners, the majority of whom own one to two rental properties.